Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Harvest time.

I fell into bed while the sun was still up last evening, exhausted after the long day traveling home from Paris. This morning I'm unpacking, doing laundry, getting to know my cat again, who is perfectly content because Debbie, my house/cat sitter, took such good care of her. Even my houseplants are happy. Thank you, Debbie.

I walked the back yard to see what's new and what I'll be doing the next few weeks and discovered that I have arrived home in time to rescue my figs from the birds! For the first time in years!!! They were all over the tree (the birds), and they fluttered away when I approached this morning. I've never done it before, but I'm making fig preserves this year. But first I need to find someone who knows how to can figs and who will be willing to help me do it. I purchased all the canning stuff several years ago in anticipation of this day.

And my pear tree is heavy with fruit, dropping pears on the ground. What a delight. I'll be spending the next few days picking pears, putting them in paper bags to sweeten, then when they're ready I'll peel, chop and freeze them for my winter smoothies.

I have my work cut out for me. Not to mention the weeding; Atlanta had a lot of rain while I was gone. I'm warily looking forward to learning how to use the gas powered trimmer/edger I bought before I left for France; it is a lot more powerful than my battery operated one.

I see my dream being realized, very slowly, of having a beautiful and productive garden in my inner city back yard. One day I will have chickens. I have a lot to learn.

And in the meantime, I'm finishing up some work for my upcoming show at River Gallery in Chattanooga. Friday, August 3rd is the reception, and you are invited. There should be a few paintings from my visit to France. Your invitation is below.

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