Sunday, June 17, 2012

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos It felt like coming home, arriving at La Bonne Etoile. Kippy and Jerome have the extraordinary gift of making you feel like family. I know everyone will leave this place feeling like they've made lifelong friends. I was surprised to learn when I walked into the kitchen where everyone was gathered, that, with the exception of Yael from Israel, every person here had taken my class before--from Arizona to Austin to New York. Everywhere there was a familiar face--and you don't know how unusual that is for me...I usually never know who I'm talking to. The rest of the day was spent recovering from travel. Some had just arrived from the states so there were naps for them, quiet time for others, cozy conversations in front of the fire in the fireplace for others. It's still rainy and chilly here. Tomorrow  morning we go to a brocant, a French flea market (be still, my heart).  In the evening I'll do a demonstration for the class. Our lovely model, Rosza, who posed for us last year, will be with us, and the students will start drawing. I'm off to bed now, where there are fresh flowers in an antique vase, as in every bedroom here. People are laughing downstairs. The fire is still burning. It's nice here.

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