Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos We are finishing up here. it's kind of sad. Friday is the last day of the class. We'll clean up the studio, pin our paintings to the walls, and invite the locals to our vernissage (private show). There will be champagne and munchies, then dinner. After our guests leave, there will be a mad scramble as all of us try to gather our paintings and art supplies and pack them into our suitcases with all the other souvenirs we've bought along the way, hoping we don't pass the 50 lb. airline limit (thankfully they won't be weighing us because we are probably all not the same weight we were when we arrived). Donna and Yael fly home Saturday. Alice, Katie, Joy, Judy and I will stay an extra 4 days ank Kippy will lead us on an excursion into Burgundy. But today is Thursday; we'll spend a half day painting, then head out to Troyes for our final excursion together.

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