Friday, August 23, 2013

Back to the easel

I'm back in the studio, where I belong. Working on slightly larger pieces for the galleries. I'l be posting some smaller ones here too, for auction. Feels good to be productive again.

I'm calling this one Bathsheba.  I don't remember her real name, but she posed for me in Littleton, Colorado, a while back, and had a dark Mediterranean look, graceful and comfortable with herself. All I could think of was King David watching her from afar.

Bathsheba is a 16x20 pastel. Framed gallery price would be $2600.00. 


  1. This is really striking! I love the subdued light and pose and the unusual colors for flesh. Also enjoy reading your blog and following your travels.

  2. Absolutely stunning piece, Margaret!!!

  3. Be still my heart.
    This is truly magnificent!

  4. I think it was when I was in your workshop Sep 2010, all the way from Scotland - I remember the model. Very graceful. This is a wonderful piece, nice to see you doing large work too! Wish I could have another workshop with you! finances not what they were, unfortunately!