Saturday, August 24, 2013

TEA TIME AGAIN, click to bid.

All the while I was in France this past June I kept wondering why I was getting no comments to my blog. The year before there was wonderful interaction between you readers and me, but this summer... absolute silence. I kept asking people if they were actually receiving my blog. That had to be the reason nobody was responding. Did I say something to alienate everyone (my first assumption always)?

Well, today as I was trying to edit my latest post, I clicked on 'messages' and found 44 waiting for me to  publish to the post. So sorry everyone, I would have loved seeing your messages sooner. I'm not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, that's for sure. But I found them. Thank you for writing. I love it.

"Tea Time Again" is a 10x12.5 pastel on LaCarte paper. It's up on ebay, bidding begins at $100. Click on title above to be taken to ebay.


  1. I'm a regular follower of your blog but didn't know how to post a comment. I love reading your posts and traveling with you. I'm curious if you live in proximity to me. I live in Jefferson Park in East Point, Ga. Look forward to your next post.
    Ruth Fleming

  2. Beautiful work Margaret! Your still lifes are just as lovely!