Friday, August 2, 2013

Getting to know Ireland


When meeting another new artist, chatting with a stranger or just observing passers-by, I recognize faces... My mother, gone 31 years now. My Aunt Pat, gone many years, my Uncle Art, gone several years, my nephew Kevin, my early childhood friend Maureen. There's a familiarity to almost every face I encounter. I feel a vague sense of belonging here.

A few things I forgot or did not realize about Ireland:

They do not pronounce the th sound. It's tree tirty here. Arthursville is Artursville.

They are very soft-spoken. I have to lean in close to hear what they're saying. Often, even if I do hear, I don't understand a word they're saying.

Irish men are very nice. Twice men have taken my heavy carry-on bag from me and walked me several blocks to my hotel. They weren't coming on to me, they were just being nice.

The cream here is so thick it oozes slowly into my coffee.

Here's a view of my walk home from the pub last night, where I had tree pints.

Did I say home? I meant to my hotel.




  1. I just stumbled upon our series of Ireland today. What wonderful memories you bring back for me. We visited Ireland in 2009 and the connections we made still feel close. Your work captured the feeling of Ireland. I love the soft colors you chose. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

    Wexford. Isn't that where blogger Roisin O'Farrell lives? Perhaps you should look her up!

  2. Love reading your blog, especially in Ireland. I too, have Irish ancestors and went on a tour of Southern Ireland with my sister after my Mom died and experienced a strange deja-vous belonging feeling. The warmth of the people is the authenticity. And the pride they have in their storefronts - always looking just painted and fresh. Thanks for sharing your trip.

  3. Your blog has really brought back all the memories I have of going to Art in the Open in 2011. I LOVED being in Ireland. The Irish are so welcoming and friendly. They are wonderful people, and the country is so wonderful to see and experience. Have fun! I will keep my eye on your blog to feel as if I am back there too.

  4. Thanks so much for your lovely comments, Susan, Kim and Elaine. And Susan, I was not familiar with the artist Roisin O'Farrell, but looked her up and am now subscribing to her blog. thanks!

  5. Margaret,
    I love, love, love reading about your traveling adventures regardless of the luggage snafu, I imagine it all is so worth time with new artist friends. If you come across Ned Mueller, do tell him "Hi" for me as well as Irish ladies Louise Treacy and Jane Meyler. I understand your "fun" holding an umbrella in the rain while trying to paint with pastels. My sympathies!