Friday, August 9, 2013

My last day in Ireland

Oh dear, I had forgotten about the Irish breakfasts at the B&B's, with fresh fruit and yogurt and several choices of granolas and eggs and bacon and sausage and black and white pudding and soda bread and Irish butter and preserves...
I had been staying at Whites Hotel the past week during Art in the Open. The original plan was for me to teach a 3 day figurative workshop immediately after the close of the festival but my class didn't fill. So I have several days to kill. I had considered returning home early but changing my return flight would have cost more than staying here in a B&B the 4 extra days, which, obviously, I opted to do.
But I had forgotten about the Irish breakfasts at the B&B's. Oy. The soda bread and butter. I came to southeast Ireland about 12 years ago with my husband. Ex-husband now (and could I write about that...). One of the most vivid memories from that wonderful trip was the breakfasts at every B&B. Especially the soda bread and Irish butter, and I'm not a bread and butter kind of person. I remember waking up every morning eager to get down to breakfast just to have the bread and butter. Today that has been reawakened.
I'm staying at The Blue Door B&B in Wexford, where the owner, Derek, is a chef. I have spent the past two days painting with Judy and Peter, a married couple from England. They pick me up at 9:00 a.m., and we paint until 5ish, breaking for fish (fresh from the sea) and chips. I'll be seeing them again this morning for our final painting excursion. We all depart for our homes in the morning. Gotta' run downstairs for breakfast now...

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