Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Ok. So we didn't join Barry for Tai Chi at 8:00 this morning. We meant well but it was gray and drizzly when the alarm woke me at 6:45; I quietly called to Ann from her doorway, trying not to wake anybody else up. Unfortunately Ann was huddled under the blankets and didn't hear me so I climbed back into my bed down the hall. We took our walk later in the day after the weather cleared. Tai Chi will have to wait.

We worked all day in the studio again today. I didn't take pictures because I was distracted by the champagne after class, in honor of Barry's birthday. While the rest of the group cleaned up for dinner, Kippy, Ann, Deanna and I finished off the champagne in the studio. Phil joined us after he got cleaned up, and observed as we talked about Ginny Dolls and Betsy Wetsy's, Kippy's spectacular career as a baton twirler in college (she will let you know that the lights in the stadium were turned off during her halftime fire baton routine), marriage, divorce, and I can't remember what else. Phil left sometime after the Ginny Dolls and Betsy Wetsy.

We had Gazpacho, Duck a l'Orange and celeriac for dinner, salad and of course the huge platter of cheese was passed around afterwards. Then the chocolate cake with whipped cream between the layers for the birthday cake, all prepared by Chef Marc Boss.

Tomorrow, 7:00 a.m. I walk with Ann to try to work off some of these calories.

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  1. I am vicarious there with you! Sans the calories...next year!