Saturday, August 5, 2017

Kitchen and bathroom pictures and not a whole lot to do yet.

Tomorrow my five students arrive. I’ll introduce them all to you once we’ve all met (I already know two of them) and spent a little time together over dinner. I arrived a couple of days early to get past the jet lag and be somewhat coherent when they arrive.

Today Kippy, Jerome and I did practically nothing. Slept in late, upon waking I had my 2 cups of coffee avec creme (the only thing I require…OK, maybe there’s one more thing I require…I require that no cucumbers be put on my plate, but Kippy insists we have cucumber soup every time I come), chatted with Kippy at the kitchen table, lunch on the patio—soup, fresh salad, caramelized chicken legs, and oh-dear-god-here-it-comes-I-cannot-stop CHEESE. We all took naps after lunch. I must have slept several hours. Woke, hung out with Kippy in the studio as Jerome did some grocery shopping, bringing back gorgeous non-GMO apricots, Chilean “Pink Lady” apples (Kippy says you have to have them with blue cheese. We will), yogurt, and plenty of oh-dear-god-here-it-comes-again-I-cannot-stop CHEESE. Soft cheese, hard cheese, goat cheese. OMG. I am salivating, waiting for dinner. OMG.

Kitchen and bathroom pictures attached as per requested. 

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