Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Is it Tuesday already????

We worked until 4:00 in the studio today, when we piled into the van and drove 15 minutes to Chantal's studio. Chantal is helping Kippy and Jerome during the workshop; she prepares breakfast for us, makes sure there's always a hot pot of coffee, sets the table for dinner and lunch, serves the 4 courses which our chef has prepared, clears the table and cleans the kitchen.

When Chantal is not helping Kippy, she's at her home (you should see this house) studio restoring art -- paintings, sculpture, frames, all sorts of wonderful things. On our visit today she showed us what she and her students are working on, and gave us a lesson on the proper way to clean an oil painting. She let me work on one for a few minutes.

We got back 'home' around 5:30, went back up to the studio with a couple of carafes of wine (one rouge, one rose) and worked until we felt like stopping and just sat around and talked until we were called in to dinner.

Dinner was Les Oeufs in Meurette (Poached egg in a red wine sauce). Chef Marc Boss taught us his way of making poached eggs, using vinegar in the water. The dish was wonderful.

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