Sunday, August 20, 2017

Routier, vernissage, soirée finale ensemble

Yesterday we rolled up the carpets, slid tables and tabourets to the back of the room, vacuumed the floor, pinned our best work onto large foamcore boards and placed the boards on easels around the perimeter of the studio. 

We took a break for lunch at a nearby truck stop, a routier, unlike any truck stop in the U.S., then returned ‘home’ to clean ourselves up for the vernissage.

A vernissage (from French, originally meaning ‘varnishing’) is a term used for a preview of an art exhibition before the formal opening. In the 19th century, artists at the Royal Academy exhibitions would give a finishing touch to their works by varnishing them at the exhibition before the official opening. It became a custom for patrons and the elites to visit the exhibition during the varnishing.

Our final night together: we had a late dinner after the vernissage with some invited guests; we sang (or some of us sang) show tunes with piano accompaniment.

We all got up at 7:30 this morning to see Barry off to the airport; he's returning to his home in West Virginia with his promises to visit the 4 of us who live in Atlanta. We expect to see him. We missed his laugh at the breakfast table.

Deanna departs for Atlanta tomorrow morning. Phil, Judith, Kippy and I will spend 3 days in Paris. Ann will join us the first day but her husband Dimitri will fly into Paris to join her on a bike trip around France.

Right now we are trying to plan what to do in Paris--sketch or paint on the streets, join a figure drawing sketch group at La l'acadamie de la Grande Chaumiere, visit vintage'll know when we know.

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