Sunday, August 13, 2017

I was trying to be funny, for Pete's sake.

While I appreciate all the concern in the responses on Facebook, I want you to know that my morning walk with Ann was nothing but delightful. Ann and I walked down a paved road into a wooded area, passed a couple of gypsy communities (I have been told by the locals that they are gypsies), everything was peaceful and beautiful and non-threatening and I was just letting my imagination go wild and having a little fun with it.

And Ann does not have it out for me, and everyone knows I am older than she is, and she did not deliberately bonk me on the head with a wrought iron lamp--it was purely accidental, and she was not trying to make me have a heart attack, and the gypsies were not trying to kidnap us.

I am so so so sorry if you didn't understand me.

So let it be a lesson, I intend to have a little fun with my blog. If I am ever saying anything serious, I will not say it on my blog. I will not inflict anything like that on you.


  1. *The story was intriguing & entertaining!
    *Bravo...just call it,
    "Margaret's Madcap Adventure"♡

  2. I know you, so I knew it was fun... you do have a great sense of humor and it was delightful reading your blog post! If you weren't such a great artist, I would be telling you to be a writer! :)

  3. Love your blog and your humor! Margaret I always look forward to the next one and know I will smile and enjoy it.

  4. I totally caught your humor when I read your article! I loved the playful way your recounted your morning adventure - it was very clear to me that, indeed, you were taking your imagination out for a walk!

  5. I got it, and loved the humor! Keep it up.