Monday, August 14, 2017

Sunday brocant

Trying to catch up here... I haven't had time to write.

On Sunday, Kippy, Judith, Ann and I drove to a brocant about an hour away in Mezilles, taking a side trip to the charming city of Joigny, where I shall live in my next life.

At the brocant, we started off with a lunch of sausage and fries and a bottle of wine, then spent several hours browsing the brocant, where we found little treasures. I got a hand-painted sugar bowl and creamer from Brittany; I've been looking for something a little unique for when I serve tea at home. Ann got a vintage French insurance company sign which will look perfect in her den, Judith found a very old bobbin with silk thread (remember, she's a weaver) and some monogrammed napkins with her and her husband's initials! Kippy found an old basket designed to carry the long loaves of French bread.

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