Sunday, August 6, 2017

Arrival of the artists.

We are all here. And here we are at dinner after everyone's had their naps. Excellent camaraderie, lots of laughter. This will be a good group.

From left, clockwise: Kippy, Judith Krone, a fabric artist,; Barry Whitebook, Yeh, retired engineer/scientist from IBM (Phil has taken my class in upstate New York several times, this is his second time at La Bonne Etoile I think. Maybe third? I have a lousy memory); Jerome; Deanna Fleenor, a jeweler from Atlanta; moi; Ann Dodys, (Ann's been studying with me for about 4 years. This is her 3rd year at La Bonne Etoile. I went to high school with Ann about 50 years ago!!!!!!!).

They're from a wide variety of backgrounds with ranging levels of experience. Class begins at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow. We'll work in the studio all day with a model. I'd better hit the sack so I'm alert in the morning.

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