Monday, August 21, 2017

Grace, do not read this.

After dropping off our bags off at Jerome’s apartment in the Latin Quarter, we checked Phil into his hotel room around the corner (where a ‘Love Box,” containing various and sundry interesting facilitators for an enjoyable evening for two, was displayed on the front desk and could be purchased for an additional 39 euros). We were told that Phil would have rose petals on his bed. We shall find out tomorrow if that's true. The photos below of Phil in the red room are taken in the dining room of his hotel; he seems to be waiting for someone to share the box with.

We then drove to Clignancourt Flea Market and spent a couple of hours shopping; we saw probably 1/10 of the entire flea market. Ann, Judith and I left with our hands full of new possessions. If I had a sweet little Paris apartment, I could have furnished the whole thing in one shopping trip at Clignancourt. If I didn’t have to worry about the weight of my suitcase on my flight back home on Thursday, I could have filled it several times over. If I had all the money in the world, I could have purchased beautiful paintings for every wall in my Paris apartment. I could have loaded my French country cupboard with silver and china and I could have had dazzling lamps and crystal chandeliers glowing in every corner of my cozy little Parisian apartment. If I had an apartment in Paris I could have had a closet full of vintage Chanel and a table set with colorful porcelain. I could have had a jewelry box full of...oh well. But I was able to find some vintage posters of art openings, which I hope daughters and grandchildren and sisters and brother will appreciate.

We ended the day at this restaurant across the street from our apartment. Durning dinner, Phil said, "Look at this...we are eating Vietnamese food in the Latin Quarter in Paris."

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